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Delivery and FAQ's

Do I need to create an account at WhiskyHaven to place my first order?

You are able to order without registering for membership. However, there are many benefits to becoming a registered member, including saving delivery information to allow faster processing of future orders. Members also have the option of signing up for our newsletter, which details all our special offers and promotions.

Is there a fee for WhiskyHaven account opening?
There is no charge to have an account or become a friend of WhiskyHaven.  We are happy to have you as part of our community and delighted that you will be here to enjoy our products.

What are the accepted modes of payment?
Whisky Haven strongly recommends you use our Paypal facility which accepts all major credit cards – AMEX, Mastercard & VISA for ease of use. In addition, we do offer a Cash On Delivery (COD) or cheque payment for WhiskyHaven members.

How can I be sure that my order was received correctly?
We will email you confirmation as soon as we receive your order.
Where does WhiskyHaven deliver to?
We offer delivery to all valid addresses in Singapore (including Sentosa Island). We also offer an International delivery service (please see below). 

How much do you charge for delivery ?
WhiskyHaven offers free delivery for all orders over S$400 to all local Singaporean addresses (limited to one address only). For orders below the value of S$400.00, we charge a delivery fee of S$20.00 per address.
For International deliveries, please see the International Delivery section above.

When will my order be delivered ?
Our aim is to deliver your whisky within three working days.  Should you have any other delivery queries or require urgent delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@whiskyhaven.com, We do not currently offer deliveries on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Can others accept my delivery if I am away?
Yes, however, as our delivery involves alcohol, both you or your authorized recipient must be at least 18 years of age and we reserve the right to ask for identification for confirmation of this. If no person of 18 years or older is available, delivery will be postponed to a future date and an additional re-delivery fee of S$25.00 will apply.
International Delivery
WhiskyHaven accepts International orders for our whisky. All our International Deliveries will be automatically calculated when you place your order and charged at cost. We ask you to note that some International destinations require a licence to import alcohol. Furthermore, local taxes may be payable upon delivery in addition to our delivery charges. Please note that WhiskyHaven is not responsible for these charges, please ensure you confirm any extra taxes before placing your order or you may have problems receiving your order.

What if there are missing items?
We make every effort to ensure that our stock lists online are up to date. However, if some of the products that you have ordered are out of stock or temporarily unavailable, we will proceed with the remaining items and make the necessary adjustments to the final invoice.
What is your Returns policy?
We believe you will be delighted with your whiskies.  However, we understand that there maybe changes of circumstance and you might need to return an order. We accept returns and give refunds as long as the products have not been damaged or opened. Shipping costs to return the order will be at your expense (unless the goods do not comply with statutory requirements). We can only issue refunds once the goods have been inspected by us.  We aim to pay any refunds as soon as possible from receiving the goods safely back to us.
What if my order is damaged in transit?
We make every effort to securely package our whiskies. In the very unlikely event bottles are broken or damaged in transit to you, the damaged goods must be returned to us.  Please contact us immediately to arrange shipping back to us if this is the case. WhiskyHaven will meet all shipping costs for return of damaged goods. WhiskyHaven can only credit customers for damaged goods upon safe receipt of the products back to us.

Please carefully inspect your order immediately upon receipt to make sure that the all goods are intact and as described. The courier must be informed of any damage or shortages at the time of delivery. We are unable to accept any claims for breakages or shortages unless they are stated on the couriers’ documentation. Whisky Haven is responsible for all insurance of goods up the point of delivery unless otherwise stated.
In the unlikely occurrence that you are unhappy with your order, we aim to deal with complaints quickly and in a fair and confidential manner. We aim to address all complaints within five working days.
Do you offer a gift-wrapping service?
Unfortunately, due to the need to securely package all our products we are currently not able to offer gift-wrapping.
Is shopping online safe?
Absolutely. Credit cards are processed using PCI DSS compliant servers and PayPal.We check every order manually to reduce the risk of any errors occurring. Credit cards are not charged until the order is ready to be shipped.Should you have any other questions regarding safety please do not hesitate to contact us at support@whiskyhaven.com                    


What is whisky?
A fine question! Whisky is the spirit produced by distilling fermented cereals (normally barley, corn and rye). Whisky is produced around the globe, but is traditionally associated with areas of great cereal production: Scotland, Ireland, U.S.A, Canada, and Japan. There are laws in place dictating what can be termed whisky. Whisky must be made from cereals and be matured for a minimum of three years in oak casks. It must also contain an alcohol content of at least 40%.
How is whisky made?
Many decisions have to be made along the way in the process of making whisky. For a more detailed description of how this magical process happens please read more here 
What is the difference between whisky and whiskey?
Nothing really.  In Scotland it is generally spelt whisky. In Ireland, the US, Canada, well, really anywhere else outside of Scotland the longer whiskey is preferred. But like many things about this wonderful spirit, there are exceptions to this rule.
What is the difference between Scottish and Irish whisk(e)y?
Well, first there is the obvious difference in location of production. Irish Distillers prefer a process of triple distillation where the spirit is distilled three times (this process is also used in many Lowland Scottish distilleries like Auchentoschan). Most Scottish distilleries lean towards double distillation methods, this tends to produce a more flavourful spirit.


What is a ‘Single Malt’?
A single malt is the product of one malt whisky distillery and that one distillery only. That is in contrast to a ‘Blend’ (see below). Single malts attract great reverence and many command mighty prices. Single malts are the most characterful of whiskies, often demonstrating big, powerful flavours.
What is Bourbon?
Bourbon was born in the state of Kentucky in the US.  While bourbon can be made anywhere in the U.S.A., it is strongly associated with the south and Kentucky in particular. Bourbon must be made with corn as its primary constituent. The American whisky scene is particularly varied and interesting, and we look forward to stocking some fine bourbon and rye whiskies as we take the journey of WhiskyHaven further.
What is a ‘Blend’ or blended whisky ?
As the name suggests, this is a blend of a variety of different whiskies. These will include a selection of single malts and normally some grain whisky is added. Grain whisky is often considered a cheaper alternative to malt whisky to act as a ‘filler’ in blends, but grain has a flavour of its own. Grain whisky adds some mellowing and subtle notes; hence blends are often regarded as more approachable for novice whisky drinkers compared to the heartier single malt cousins. More than 90% of all Scottish whisky sold worldwide is blended.
What is a ‘Blended Malt’ (also known as ‘Vatted Malt’ or ‘Pure Malt’) ?
This is a sub-category of the blended whisky we met above. Here only a selection of malt whiskies are used with no grain whisky or another additions. Many Blended Malts are extremely good and many industry insiders claim they are at the very top of the whisky tree.
What is a ‘New Make’?
Whisky can only be called whisky when it has seen at least three years maturation in oak casks. Until those three years are up, the spirit is known as New Make. Out in bourbon country in Kentucky, U.S.A, New Make is rather wonderfully known as the ‘White Dog’.
Why don’t you stock certain brands?
Here at WhiskyHaven we believe we offer a great selection of the finest whiskies available to mankind. We do, however, appreciate that some customers prefer whiskies that we do not currently stock. We are always happy to hear from you what you would like see added to our inventory. Please contact us at stillmaster@whiskyhaven.com.
Do you stock other whiskies apart from Scotch: Bourbon or Irish whiskey etc.?
Currently we only offer single malt Scotch whisky for sale. We have big plans though, and intend to add a selection of Japanese whiskies in Q1 2014 and bourbon later in the year. We are always keen to hear your wish list, please contact us at stillmaster@whiskyhaven.com.

Do you stock other spirits apart from whisky?
At WhiskyHaven we pride ourselves on our passion for and knowledge of whisky. Currently we only offer a selection of whisky for sale. However, we love to surprise our customers and we have an extensive global network of contacts in the alcohol business. Should you have a very special request please do not hesitate to contact us at stillmaster@whiskyhaven.com  and we will do our very best. We recently had a client request for a birthday year Cognac (1950) as a gift for his father. We were delighted to be able to source just such a bottle and make it a birthday to remember.
What is the correct way to drink whisky?
There is no right or wrong way to drink whisky! In fact, there seems to be an infinite way to enjoy this most complex of spirits, from the hardcore neat with no ice or water all the way to long, cool and refreshing in a variety of cocktails. Adding a splash of water often opens up the whisky to reveal more flavours. If you are a newcomer to the wonderful world of Scotch, feel free to add more water. The main flavour compounds in whisky are known as congeners and are very soluble in alcohol but less so in water. These flavour compounds remain locked in solution until the alcohol percentage is reduced below 40%. Introducing water releases these precious congeners and really opens up the ‘nose’ of a good whisky. Feel free to experiment; the world (of whisky) is your oyster!
How do I know which whiskies I will like?
Most Scottish single malts will have an indication of their region of origin on the label (Lowland, Highland, Speyside, Campbelltown, Islands or Islay) and this often gives a clue as to the flavour profile of the whisky. There are, however, many exceptions to the rules.  For a quick guide on the regions and their common flavours please read our Guide to the regions here 
What is a ‘Cask Strength’ whisky?
Whisky matures in the barrel at between 60% and 65%. 
Often this is diluted to 40-43% before bottling so as to reduce the amount of alcohol duty payable. Cask strength whiskies are bottled at full strength direct from the cask, this provides more impact and concentration of flavour. Most people prefer to dilute these whiskies to taste after a couple of exploratory sips.

What is this obsession with age ?
Ah, you will open the hornets’ nest with this one.  As whisky ages in its oak barrel it absorbs flavours from the oak. This rounds out some of the natural flavours of the malt spirit and also adds great complexity. For further reading on ageing please click here 
What is ‘chill-filtering’?
Unless it is ‘chill-filtered’, whisky at 40% will cloud at low temperatures. Chill-filtering is a process that removes the compounds responsible for this clouding at lower temperature, hence improving clarity in the glass. This process has been popular in whisky production since its introduction in the 1960s. However, this filtration method removes many of the flavour compounds (congeners) from the whisky. Recently there has been a move by some Distillers to offer whiskies that are not treated by chill-filtration. Many connoisseurs prefer such a whisky, as they believe it is more flavourful.

Why are some whiskies so expensive?
There are many factors that dictate how much a whisky will cost but two of the biggest factors can be easily spotted on the label: the distillery where the whisky was made and the age  statement.  Many distilleries were built in the early 1800s and have hundreds of years of history producing the very best whiskies. Names like Macallan, Dalmore, Bowmore, etc. are very evocative and command serious prices. Other, smaller and equally excellent distilleries like Port Ellen on Islay that fell on hard times and were shut down have picked up huge cult followings and their prices have risen astronomically. Older whiskies generally command higher prices; ageing adds complexity and also a rarity value (whisky tends to get drunk!).
How long can I keep a whisky?
As long as it remains unopened and the seal is not compromised, the whisky should stay in excellent condition.  Once opened, oxidation will slowly act on the whisky, this process will take around six months to have any noticeable effect. Whether open or sealed we recommend you keep your whiskies out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme changes in temperature.
Can I buy a cask of whisky from Whiskyhaven ?
Currently we do not offer cask sales direct on the site, but it is something we are looking to offer down the line. Please leave your details with us on stillmaster@whiskyhaven.com  so we can get intouch with you.
Are you interested in buying my whisky collection?
At the moment we do not buy private collections but we are a curious bunch and are always happy to discuss whisky and other matters, so please feel free to email us on
stillmaster@whiskyhaven.com. Do keep checking in, as we have very dynamic plans for the future, and there might always be something new for you to explore.

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