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Amazing & Awesome facts about your rare and fine whiskies

His Holiness : Whisky, as we know it today was bought to the Scottish people over 500 years ago, by the Christian monks who guarded the secrets of fermentation and distillation.

The true 6 pack secret: Whisky does not contain any fat and a dram of whisky contains only 0.04g of carbohydrates in form of sugar! More importantly, the limited sugar is immediately transformed into energy by our internal powerhouse the liver.

Storage Issues: This is brilliant, you don't need a special temperature to store your fine and rare whiskies, just keep the bottles standing upright and away from direct sunlight and your whiskies will remain perfect. The only real storage issues you would face is if the drinking cave isn't big enough to store all the bottles collected!

Not just for mere mortals: "Angel's share" or "Angel's tax" refers to about 3.5% - 4% of the whisky that evaporates every year from the barrel. Legend goes that "They" want to make sure our drams are perfect, before we drink it! Ohh don't fret about the bottles in your booze caves, once in the bottle, the angel's leave the whisky for you and your loved ones.

Myth busters fact: We all know the romance the French have with their cognac, however whats more amazing to note is that more Scotch is sold in one month in France than Cognac in a year! Goes to show the French just don't have an edge in the fashion industry but pretty good taste in their spirits as well.

Smoky – whats that and how?: Certain Scotch Whiskies have great smoky flavours we have a bunch of "smoky gems" for our whisky collectors out there but then again, how does a whisky get its smoke? Simply put the smoke originates from the peat fire over which the green malt is dried, this happens prior to grinding and mashing.

Whisky Math: We know about the Angel's share (3.5%-4% lost every year) now this is where the math comes in. A cask ageing for 21years, with 4% being lost to the Angels, what percentage of the barrel still has whisky? Ans : a mere 43% of the barrel has whisky. For those who love their math this is the working {1*(0.96)^21}

On that note we leave you to enjoy your dram. Cheers!

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